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  • Do you have painful feet or ankles?
  • Do your knees hurt?

  • Plantar Fasciitis?
  • Tendo Achillies Problems?

  • Heel Spurs?
  • Flat feet or very high arches?
  • Knock knees?

  • Mortons Neuroma?
  • Severs Disease?

  • Dropped Metatarsals?

  • Bunions?

Welcome to Parfitt Podiatry where we specialise in both Podiatry and Chiropody treatments


Foot, ankle, knee and back problems?

After the initial consultation, the Podiatrist will do a full biomechanical and gait analysis (walking or running).

We treat bunions, Mortons Neuroma, plantar fasciitis, hammer toes, clawed toes, plantar fasciitis, heel spur, Severs Disease, Patello-femoral knee problems, Tendo Achilles, tendopathies, Knees (meniscus, ligament problems), Shin Splints, flat feet, hypermobility.



All manner of chiropody problems are treated including:

Treatment of corns, callouses (hard skin), ingrowing toenails, verrucas (warts), discoloured or thickened nails, fungal, athletes foot, cracked heels.


Biomechanics, Gait Analysis, Sports Injuries, Paediatrics, Adults, Chiropody.


Our Hertfordshire Practices:

Elstree Borehamwood

1 Fir Tree Court,
Allum Lane
Elstree, Herts WD6 3NF

St Albans

Orchard Physiotherapy Clinic
Catherine House, Adelaide Street
St Albans, Hertfordshire, AL3 5BA


Private Insurance
Parfitt Podiatry is covered by most private medical insurances